Tocco Menu Design

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A menu redesign project I worked on at Areas USA. Objective: To design a new menu that would be more cohesive to the restaurant. Solution: This was my first time designing a  hi-end menu and I was pleased with the results. Upon looking and analyzing the design and architecture of the restaurant, my design decisions were informed by the circular aesthetic that was throughout Chef … Read More

Language of Love Scarves

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Objective:To to get out of my comfort zone by designing an accessory product marketed to women. Solution: These scarves are based on the language of love (L.O.L.) each scarf  has the phrase “I love you” in French, Italian and Spanish. I had a hand in finding the material & sewing these together. The illustration direction was inspired by older romantic imagery.    


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I had the pleasure of designing this logo and branding for DJ M-Squared Objective: To design a recognizable mark that  would be adaptable to all mediums and would stand out amongst other DJ’s. Solution: A symbol that is inspired by the periodic table of elements and the symbol for chemical equilibrium. We came to this solution as it best fit … Read More