AIGA 5 Steps To Vote – Democracy NC

Kaliq Animation, Motion Design, Video

 Objective: I collaborated with AIGA and the Non-Profit organization, “Democracy NC” to produce a video that helps to inform voters for the midterm election. I storyboarded, art directed, and created the production files for animation. I also created an animatic for the animator to follow for the video. Solution: Storyboard/Animatic   Key Art     Final Video

Cinema 4D: Mine Tunnel Scene

Kaliq Animation, Motion Design, Video

Objective: To create a proof of concept by modeling, lighting, creating physics, and particle effects using Cinema 4D. All 3d objects and effects where modeled by me from scratch in Cinema 4D. Also, color grading was done in After Effects.    

Areas Training Video

Kaliq Animation

Objective: To storyboard, character design and animate a new Associate training video that would be entertaining and informational to new hires. Solution: I had free reign on the artistic direction of the video along with the music. I worked with a voice actor who delivered the lines so I could have a performance draw the character design from. The character name was … Read More