ABC 11 3D Printing Content Video

Kaliq Animation, Copywriting, Illustration, Motion Design, Video

Objective: I was tasked with producing content for ABC 11 Raleigh Eyewitness News’ social media. I was given footage from a past video shoot at Proto Labs, a 3D Printing prototyping service. I selected the footage, music, and wrote a script in order to create a cohesive narrative for the video. Then I edited the footage together and added the motion graphics … Read More

Concept Art Study Exercises

Kaliq Illustration

This is an occasional illustration exercise I do where I take a selected scene from a film, music video, or photo, and do a 30 minute to 2-hr paint study. I used the Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet.

Apple Blackboard Training Module in Axure

Kaliq Animation, Branding, Illustration, Motion Design, Products, Technology, UX Design, Web/App/ Interactive Design

I wanted to brush up on my Axure prototyping skills. So I created a mock project called Apple Blackboard, a training module interface that educates Apple Employees on new Apple products. The site would take the user to a course and educate the user on different aspects of the product and then test the user with a quiz. I developed assets … Read More

Pantheon Games Editorial Illustrations

Kaliq Illustration

Objective: To develop illustrations for the Pantheon Games to represent each category Men, Women and older athletes.   Solution:These are three illustrations used for a Crossfit competition called the “Pantheon games”. The categories are as follows: Men Olympians, Women Olympians, and Masters.