Grab & Go Airport Food Packaging Design

Kaliq Branding, Packaging, Print, Products

  Objective: Design color coded grab-n-go labels that communicate added value and nutritional information while appealing to  airport traveling millennials (Roughly 1980’s – 2000’s). Develop label icon system for gluten-free, protein packed  and vegan food attributes. Solution: Research: By 2020, 320 million international trips are expected to be made by youth travelerseach year. That’s a 47% increase from 217 million in … Read More

Boxlife Magazine

Kaliq Print

One of my current clients. I had the opportunity to develop a concept for the future brand of  Boxlife Magazine. The magazine is geared toward the Crossfit lifestyle. Objective: To design a new printed format for a Crossfit magazine that would save space an maximize portability. Solution: I wanted to show the in and out of the box lifestyle cross fitters go … Read More

Tocco Menu Design

Kaliq Branding, Print

A menu redesign project I worked on at Areas USA. Objective: To design a new menu that would be more cohesive to the restaurant. Solution: This was my first time designing a  hi-end menu and I was pleased with the results. Upon looking and analyzing the design and architecture of the restaurant, my design decisions were informed by the circular aesthetic that was throughout Chef … Read More

+ Always Adding Value to Your Trip Campaign

Kaliq Copywriting, Print

Objective:I was asked to come up with a new concept for our magazine ads that would communicate the strengths of our company, Areas USA. As a food ad beverage concessionaire, Areas USA has always been a leader in innovative strategies that add a little more to the food and travel landscape. Solution:From my research I was able to identify the … Read More