6 PM Cold Open Broadcast Package

Kaliq Animation, Motion Design, Technology, Video

Objective: Create a cold open for the 6 PM news show.  The executive producer approached me with creating a new cold open for the 6 pm for the that would be graphically refreshing grab viewer’s audiences.  I decided to go with a bold typographic full-screen approach that would differentiate the 6 pm show from any other news segment.  I decided to go with a color … Read More

11 PM Snipe Graphic

Kaliq Animation, Copywriting, Motion Design, Technology, Video

Objective: To increase viewership for the 11:00 PM news show by notifying audiences ahead of time during 10 PM block of programming. I was given photos of the leading anchors. I cropped them out the heads of the talent using photoshop.   I decided to use blue and yellow to match the news channel branding. The yellow diagonal shape in the … Read More

ABC 11 Raleigh Interactive Touch Window

Kaliq Animation, Motion Design, Technology, UX Design, Video, Web/App/ Interactive Design

Objective: To create a branded animated background graphics for an interactive touchscreen at the  ABC 11 Raleigh Eyewitness news station. Solution: The solution included non-didactic graphics that are a call back to the elements the news is known for presentation and location. The location aspect of the background graphics is conveyed through the topology map graphics with random radar pings. The presentation element is … Read More

March For Our Students Intro Promo

Kaliq Animation, Motion Design, Video

Objective: Create an opening promo for a news coverage segment nationwide walkout, “March For Our Lives” held on March 24th, 2018. Based on the producer’s request, I had to create the graphic using a school chalkboard. Based on the request, I made sure to use a typeface that mimicked the look of handwritten chalk letters. I also chose the music that matched … Read More