6 PM Cold Open Broadcast Package

Kaliq Animation, Motion Design, Technology, Video

Objective: Create a cold open for the 6 PM news show.  The executive producer approached me with creating a new cold open for the 6 pm for the that would be graphically refreshing grab viewer’s audiences.  I decided to go with a bold typographic full-screen approach that would differentiate the 6 pm show from any other news segment.  I decided to go with a color … Read More

March For Our Students Intro Promo

Kaliq Animation, Motion Design, Video

Objective: Create an opening promo for a news coverage segment nationwide walkout, “March For Our Lives” held on March 24th, 2018. Based on the producer’s request, I had to create the graphic using a school chalkboard. Based on the request, I made sure to use a typeface that mimicked the look of handwritten chalk letters. I also chose the music that matched … Read More