Silent Revolution Logo

Kaliq Branding

This is a logo I designed for Silent Revolution. Silent Revolution provides exceptional Silent Disco entertainment systems and Electronic Marketing Solutions for festival goers, event guests, conference and convention groups, including new product launch audiences.  One of the reasons I was excited about working on this brand is because of the innovative way the answer the problem of noise pollution. … Read More

Sports Photography

Kaliq Photography

Objective: Play around with camera settings to get shots of athletes in action. Results: I was able to get some good shots from shooting my subjects. I had to get a healthy balance between a quick shutter speed and a good Iso setting to catch the action. I am looking forward to more shots in the future.  

Boxlife Magazine

Kaliq Print

One of my current clients. I had the opportunity to develop a concept for the future brand of  Boxlife Magazine. The magazine is geared toward the Crossfit lifestyle. Objective: To design a new printed format for a Crossfit magazine that would save space an maximize portability. Solution: I wanted to show the in and out of the box lifestyle cross fitters go … Read More

Perspectiva Vineyards website + logo

Kaliq Web/App/ Interactive Design

A website project I worked on while I was at amaniac design. Objective: To design a site and logo that could artfully brand the wine offering and convert visitors into customers. Solution: Perspectiva Vineyard’s website and logo design choices were heavily influenced by the prepackaged art that came already on the bottles which consisted of paintings that corresponded to the varietal of wine. Using blacks, textures, … Read More

Charlotte Dunagan Design Website

Kaliq Web/App/ Interactive Design A website I designed for an interior design firm as a designer for Amaniac design Objective: To design an updated site for the interior design firm Charlotte Dunagan Design. Solution: The design was informed by the many hi-end projects  Charlotte Dunagan Design had in the past. Using a color palette of neutral colors, website visitors would get pick up on the chic … Read More