Tocco Menu Design

Kaliq Branding, Print

A menu redesign project I worked on at Areas USA. Objective: To design a new menu that would be more cohesive to the restaurant. Solution: This was my first time designing a  hi-end menu and I was pleased with the results. Upon looking and analyzing the design and architecture of the restaurant, my design decisions were informed by the circular aesthetic that was throughout Chef … Read More

Digital M-SQUARED Press Kit

Kaliq Branding, UX Design

I had the pleasure of designing this press kit for DJ M-Squared Objective: To design a high-end presskit that would stand out amongst other DJ’s. Solution: A press kit that is simple and elegant. We came to this solution as it best fit DJ-M-Squared’s aesthetic of chic clean design. The kit’s minimalistic look and restrained typography is perfect for all screens … Read More

Areas Training Video

Kaliq Animation

Objective: To storyboard, character design and animate a new Associate training video that would be entertaining and informational to new hires. Solution: I had free reign on the artistic direction of the video along with the music. I worked with a voice actor who delivered the lines so I could have a performance draw the character design from. The character name was … Read More

Amaniac New Year Stop Motion Video

Kaliq Video

Objective: To design a promotional New year video centered around giving a little extra to client’s. Solution: From the concept, I was able to draw on a the idiom of a Baker’s Dozen. This New Year promotional video for Amaniac was a labor of love. I got my chance to experiment with stop motion animation. I  was tasked with storyboarding, shooting the scenes, animating them, and … Read More

Pantheon Games Editorial Illustrations

Kaliq Illustration

Objective: To develop illustrations for the Pantheon Games to represent each category Men, Women and older athletes.   Solution:These are three illustrations used for a Crossfit competition called the “Pantheon games”. The categories are as follows: Men Olympians, Women Olympians, and Masters.

Food Photography

Kaliq Photography

Objective: To work with the Areas USA Executive Chef and photograph the food of an upcoming restaurant. Execution:  For this shoot we used natural light as the lighting. Natural light is key to food photography as it accentuates the look and colors of food. Some of the assets went on to become digital displays on screens and some of the assets … Read More

Suit Hunting Guide

Kaliq Packaging

Objective: To develop a way for young male professionals to be able to have access to tips and boutiques on suit styling and tailoring   Solution: This is a project made from scratch for my portfolio. The Suit Hunting Guide is a mailer that has everything a young man needs to find the perfect suit. This package comes with a Handbook loaded … Read More

+ Always Adding Value to Your Trip Campaign

Kaliq Copywriting, Print

Objective:I was asked to come up with a new concept for our magazine ads that would communicate the strengths of our company, Areas USA. As a food ad beverage concessionaire, Areas USA has always been a leader in innovative strategies that add a little more to the food and travel landscape. Solution:From my research I was able to identify the … Read More